“Your products looks excellent...”

Moon Soo Park, MD PhD, Seoul, Korea



I find your "Combined Spinal-Epidural Needle (CSEN)" genial. There is no doubt for me that your needle will make the method of combined spinal-epidural anaesthesia simpler and safer.”

Ioan Curelaru, M.D., D.Sc., Ph.D., Goteborg, Sweden



“I met several doctors who majored in Anethesia.

As a conclusion, every doctor thinks your product's effect is better than the traditional one...”

Jay Lee, Korea

“Overall - I like it very much and it would be my choice for young "easy" patients where the minimum damage to the tissue can guarantee maximum effect without risk of head or low back related pain.”

Slawomir W. Michalak, MD, Malta

“I have finally been able to use your spinal needles myself and get first hand feel. I am very impressed! The feel is much better (using 26# Spinal needles for my Epi/Spinals, I am able to compare better), the CSF flow is faster (comparitively) and the needle itself is stronger”.

C G Nanda Kumar, MD, UK

“We have used 3 needles so far and they seem to be OK…I wish you good luck for the commercial and academic success of your needle.”

Narinder Rawal, MD, Sweden

“The anesthesiologist of Honduras are very motivated and are interested in your products.”

Fausto Echeverria, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

“At this moment we are introducing the CSE technique and the anesthesiologists are very motivated and are interested in your products.”

Dolly De Leon, MD, Panama

“I would like you to add to my table (see below), the Eldor needle and in the next column the characteristics…I wish you all success with your needle.”

Prof. Dr. A.A.J. van Zundert, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

“I have used your Eldor spinal needles in 2 cases and they were fantastic!


Anibal de Oliveira Fortuna, MD, Brazil



"One hundred women received our standard 3-holed 19-gauge multiport catheter and another 99 received the 7-holed 20-gauge multiport catheter...more patients in the 7-holed group had adequate sacral analgesia for delivery than in the 3-holed group."


J. A. Thomas, M.D.; A. W. Smith, M.D.; L. C. Harris, R.N.; P. Rieker, M.D.; R. D'Angelo, M.D., USA




"The Eldor epidural catheter performed better than the 3-hole catheter in flow rate, shear strength and tensile strength."


Materials Research Division (Modern Industries, Inc., Erie, Pennsylvania 16512-0399)




"The Eldor spinal needle showed a 5 fold increase in the immediate dispersal area compared to the Whitacre needle".


Dr. Charles H. Ripp, USA 




"The maximum force needed to bend the Eldor spinal needle was 9.65 lbs. compared to the maximum force of 9.16 lbs. needed to bend the Gertie Marx needle. "


Gaynes Labs, Incorporated (9708 Industrial Drive, Bridgeview, Illinois 60455)




"The backflow of the cerebrospinal fluid could be seen in a mean time of 0.6 seconds in the Eldor spinal needle compared to 2.1 seconds in the 27G Pencan needle. There were 5 cases of an anesthetic maldistribution in the Pencan group during the first 5 minutes after injection, and none in the Eldor spinal needle group."


Dr. Timo A. R.  Palas, Switzerland




"26% of the patients of the Whitacre group and 14% of the patients of the Eldor group suffered from slight backache."


Prof. M. Tryba, Germany




"The needle of ELDOR seems to be a useful technical innovation because it offers a number of advantages: It makes it possible to position with the required calmness the peridural catheter, without being in a hurry because the subarachnoid block has already been carried out".


Maurizio Pintore, M.D., Fernando Chiumiento, M.D., Vincenzo Galdo, M.D., Errico Miele, M.D., Paolo Paganelli, M.D., Italy




What I think and write about the Eldor Combined Spinal Epidural needle is the result of my personal experience, summarizing the several cases performed with this device.

The Eldor Combined Spinal Epidural needle is a different instrument to perform a regional anesthesia. It is not absolutely an easy device to manage. It does not mean that it is not safe. I mean that if you are performing a combined anesthesia with the Eldor needle you must think that it is not an epidural anesthesia with a conventional epidural needle. You will work with a wonderful new and safe instrument, different from the other needles, that you need to know it very well before its use.

Only after several successful or not regional anesthesia performances with the Eldor CSE kit you will be able to considering this device just as one of the lot of the instruments that you could use in absolute safety during your daily practice. I believe in the Eldor combined spinal epidural kit. I finally can perform in the correct way a combined anesthesia, performing first  the epidural anesthesia and then the spinal puncture, with the same device, avoiding double spinal puncture or the use of dangerous techniques.


Michele TOMMASI  ROSSO, M.D.,  Spain




"I recently had a chance to examine a spinal needle which I
 believe might reduce or eliminate this problem (transient radiculopathy
 following the use of intrathecal lidocaine). It is called a double hole
 pencil point (DHPP) needle, and has some excellent advantages. First, it
 has an atraumatic, blunted, occluded point, like a pencil. The 2 holes are
 located on the sides, 180 degrees apart, such that the injectate is
 directed in 2 directions and 90 degrees from the axis of the needle. It is
 a 26 gauge needle, but aspiration of CSF is quite easy, probably because of
 the double hole arrangement. If these radiculopathies are concentration
 dependent (which they appear to be), I would imagine that directing the
 lidocaine injection away from the neural structures should afford
Stephen T. Barasch, M.D.,  USA



"In our own experience, the only advantage of having two sideholes opposite each other, versus one sidehole, on a noncutting tip of a spinal needle was a faster backflow of cerebrospinal fluid when the dura was punctured."
Per H. Rosenberg, M. D., Finland


"Considering your products up till now I am a “walking advertisement” – they are really superior to many other names on the market. I’m happy that they trigger more interest especially in young colleagues.
Recently I used radiological biopsy needle 20cm long to sample the CSF from very fatty lady with CNS infection… We do need long needle! The distance to CSF was on 13.5 cm."

Sławomir W. Michalak MD., DEAA., MALTA