Eldor spinal needle technique

This is an innovative device in which there are two round
opposing holes at the tip. The anesthetic solution will flow
out of these two holes into the subarachnoid space at the
direction of these two holes. The Eldor spinal needle
separates dural fibers rather than cutting them to reduce
incidence of spinal headache. A small bore Eldor spinal
needle (26G) is inserted through an introducer until it
pierces the dura. Confirmation of its placement in the
subarachnoid space is when CSF is obtained through the hub
of the spinal needle. The local anesthetic solution is then
injected through the spinal needle into the subarachnoid
space. After the injection is completed the spinal needle is
withdrawn and the patient is positioned as required.

Local anesthetic injections

The local anesthetic solution injected into the subarachnoid
space is exited through the two opposing holes positioned
at the pencil point tip. The injection should be slow and
gentle. The dose should be adjusted to every patient and to
every operation. The orientation of the double holes is a
factor for the administration of the anesthetic solution.


After confirmation of the Eldor spinal needle`s position in
the subarachnoid space, secure the needle during local
anesthetic solution injection from forward or backward
movements. Forward movement may cause paresthesias by the
pencil point`s tip touching a nerve root, while a backward
movement may withdraw the Eldor spinal needle or its
orifices from the subarachnoid space into the epidural
space, resulting in partial spinal anesthesia.
NOTE: The key on the spinal needle hub indicates the
direction of one of the distal spinal needle ports. The
second port parallels that on the side of the key.
Inject the desired dose of intrathecal medication at a rate,
level and direction consistent with the desired spread of
anesthesia or analgesia through both ports.
Follow national and/or institutional guidelines for patient
monitoring appropriate to the administration of spinal


Federal law restricts this device to sale by, or on the
order of a physician.